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Tariff 33 is known as the ‘Economy’ tariff or ‘Off Peak’ tariff. T33 is cheaper than T11, but more expensive than T31.


The advantage of T33 is that the power to this tariff is normally available for 18 hours per day. This makes it an ideal tariff for smaller hot water systems (180 litres or more), pool pumps, clothes driers, dishwashers, etc. You have to bear in mind, when deciding to use this tariff, that the power is normally off between 5pm and 9pm and again at breakfast time in the morning, so it is pointless connecting any appliance that has to be used at these times. T33 is approximately 30% cheaper than T11. If T33 is connected to your pool motor then you will have to program your pool timer to operate the pool filter at other times of the day.


Electricians Plus can carry out Tariff Conversion on a basic home for around $350.00. Call us now on 55222222 or email Us now for a quote.

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