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Safety Switch Testing and Installation

Safety Switches save lives. If you have an electrical fault that can result in electrocution, a safety switch will interrupt the electricity well before a shock can kill you. All homes since 1998 have safety switches installed by law, however a safety switch may still not be working.


All safety switches have a 'test' button on them. Pressing this button will trip the safety switch so make sure you turn off any equipment that may not like a sudden shutdown (computers etc). If the safety switch doesn't trip, then you have a problem that will have to be looked at by an electrician.

So what is the lesson:

  1. Make sure you have a safety switch installed and

  2. Make sure you test it regularly.


If you are looking to install a safety switch or need more information on the testing of safety switches, call us 07 5522 2222 or  Contact Electricians Plus Here.

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