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What is a surge diverter and how does it work

A surge diverter is a piece of equipment that diverts excess voltages (caused by spikes in the electrical supply) to earth, thus protecting sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.


If you have purchased an electrical device from any of the department stores recently  you will notice that they try to sell you a device to protect the purchase. A professional surge diverter installed into the main switchboard will protect your whole house.

The surge diverter ‘shunts’ voltages over 260 volts AC to ground, stopping most power spikes from causing any damage.

A surge diverter may not protect your equipment from a direct lightning strike on your home. The chances of your home being stuck by lightning are not high luckily!

A surge diverter is NOT a safety switch nor a circuit breaker. each of these items has a distinct and separate roll in protecting your property.

A basic surge diverter can be installed in your home or office for around $350. This is small change compared to the cost (both time and money) in dealing with insurance companies to get damaged electrical goods replaced. If you would like a surge diverter installed in your home or would simply like more information then all us on 55222222 or  email Electricians Plus now.

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Three phase surge diverter

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