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Can I connect my pool to Tariff 33

Yes you can and should connect your pool filtration equipment to tariff 33. The details are a bit onerous to explain but be assured that it is possible and it will save you money. Electricians Plus can do T33 pool conversions starting at $150.00 but it is necessary to get a quote to do this work as all pool installations are different.


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If you want more detail read on...


Tariff 33 is controlled by Energex and is normally turned off in the morning between 7am and 9am and again between 5pm and 9pm.  You have to ensure that the pool timer will keep correct time when tariff 33 is turned off. This can be done a couple of ways depending on how your home was wired originally.


Pool has dedicated Circuit breaker in the switchboard

If your pool is on its own circuit (it has a dedicated circuit breaker in the main switchboard) and you do not need Tariff 11 at the pool equipment for spa blowers, lights, etc [remember the power will be off between 5pm and 9pm], you can place a timer in the main switch board. In this way the electrician can power the clock mechanism from the permanently "on" tariff 11 and use the existing cable to feed the T33 to the pool pump. In this way the clock will operate all the time. The downside with this method is that you lose the availability of T11 at the pump equipment (there will be no power points) and spa blowers, lights, etc will have to be hard wired to the T33 and will not work between 5pm and 9pm. Another minor aggravation is that the time clock will be in the main switchboard, which make it a little more difficult to place the timer on "manual" when back-washing the pool, etc.

Installation using a battery reserve time clock

Another way to achieve the same outcome is to install a time clock with a battery reserve. The battery will keep the time correct while T33 is off. The only advantage with this option is that the timer can remain at the pool equipment. The wire coming from the house will still carry T33 and as such will be off between 5pm and 9pm.


Run another circuit to the pool

The third way and by far the best (but normally the most expensive) is to run a new wire from the main switchboard to the pool equipment to carry the T33. This allows the timer to be located with the pool equipment and allows you to have T11 available for the spa blower when you get home from work at 6pm.


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