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Will I make money from my Solar Energy System

In most cases there will be times that the solar PV system is generating more power than your house is using. At these times you will be selling power back to the grid. If your house has very high continuous electricity use (for example through running multiple fridges or having a number of people home at all times) then you may not export much electricity back to the grid. Regardless of the amount of electricity you are able to export back to the grid, your solar power system will reduce the amount of power you need to buy from the grid. Be wary of claims that you will never need to pay a bill again or can eliminate your electricity bills. Some customers installing systems in the 1.5 to 2 kW range are unlikely to negate their electricity bill.

Once again, the importance of a well designed system tailored specifically to your requirements is all important. Electricians Plus will design a system for you based on your expectations.

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