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What should I look for when choosing a Solar Installation company

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What should I look for in choosing a solar energy system supplier?

Many companies sell and install Solar Energy Systems, including some electricity retailers. Always take the time to compare quotes and do your background research. Do not allow yourself to be pressured into an on the spot sale. When comparing quotes from different suppliers you should check for:

    • The out of pocket price of the system
Electricians Plus may not be the cheapest on the Gold Coast but we will deliver a fully designed solar energy system to suit your specific requirements.

    • Do you keep the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC's), or does the installer take them?
We are happy to work either way. But be advised that the recovery of the STC's is arduous and time consuming.

    • The payment structure including any deposits required, upfront payments, installments etc.
Electricians Plus will deliver a full quotation which will include our design specification and a plain English, easy to read contract.

    • Does the price include installation?
Yes all of our proposals include installation by our own staff. we never use sub-contractors. You deal with us from the first site visit to the final installation and any subsequent after sales calls.

    • Are there additional charges depending on the type of roof you have (flat or pitched), the type of roof material you have (tiles or steel), the distance of your house from the supplier, whether your house is a single or double storey?
Our quotation takes all of these variables into account. That is why we do an onsite inspection.

    • Will your solar supplier liaise with your electricity distributor and retailer to make sure you have the right meter and that you will receive the retailerís feed in tariff?
Electricians Plus does all of the paperwork. you will need to apply over the phone for the feed-in tariff (if applicable) but we do the rest.

    • The type of solar panels (amorphous or crystalline) and their performance at your location.
Our quotation takes into account your specific situation and the system that we specify will be the best solution for you.

    • The colour of the panels, in case this matters to you.
The installation of a Solar Energy System is about getting the most from your system. We are happy to provide either panel but our recommendations will be in line with the best solution for your situation

    • The inverter converts the power from your panels, so it can be used in the house. What functionality does it have? Does it display current and historical energy production?
Electricians Plus mostly uses Xantrax Inverters which are manufactured by Schnieder a German company who also owns Clipsal a well known Australian Brand for more than 50 years. The Xantrax Inverter comes out of the box with the ability to connect to your computer without any additional software. The display on the inverter itself will provide all important performance information.

    • The size of the system and the inverter (which may not be the same) and what will best suit your needs.
All Electricians Plus Solar Energy Systems come with our guarantee of performance tailored specifically to your needs

    • Contract conditions and warranties on all parts of the system and on the labour to install.
Our contract is written in plain English and sets out all of our responsibilities to you, our customer.

    • Whether the company uses accredited designers and installers.
Electricians Plus uses "In- House" accredited designers and installers. We do not use sub-contractors.

    • How long will it take to get your system installed?
We install your new Solar Energy System as soon as possible. there are some delays associated with getting electricity company permission. Our Systems are normally installed within 14 days of our site visit.

    • After-sales service in case you have problems with the system.
Electricians Plus has been providing after sales service on the Gold Coast for more than 25 years. Something that very few companies can boast.

Questions with thanks to the Essential Services Commission of Victoria. Thanks guys! Answers by Electricians Plus your Gold Coast Solar Energy Company.