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What affects Solar Energy Panel output

Issues affecting panel output

The output of a Solar Energy panel is affected by a number of issues some avoidable some not. Panel output can be degraded by:

  • Direction of alignment. This is unavoidable as the panels have to point in the same direction as your roof alignment

  • Tilt of panels. Again this sometimes unavoidable as they are laid in the same tilt as your roof. The best angle for the Gold Coast is 30 degrees. If you have a flat roof then tilt brackets can be utilized but these can also cause problems if the solar panels shade each other.

  • Dirt and Dust. This is one you have direct control over. Solar Energy Panels should be kept clean and free from dirt and grime. a simple was with warm soapy water followed by a clean water rinse is all that is required.

  • Shading. Again something that may be out of your control. When installed existing shade issues are taken into account when designing the system the problem is that trees grow and they may not be in your yard. If a tree in your yard is shading your solar energy panels then it makes economic sense to have it trimmed.

  • Faulty bypass diodes. To minimize the effects of shading each solar energy panel has a bypass diode but into it. if this diode fails then the panel could affect the whole string of panels connected to it. If your system is not working to expectation then Electricians Plus Solar can test the system and repair or replace the faulty panel.