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Electrical Testing and Tagging

Test and Tag Gold CoastTest and Tag is the name commonly used for the process of ensuring your workplace electrical equipment and appliances are safe to use.


In order to make these items safe, one must comply with the strict work health and safety regulations put in place by the Australian Government. The standard specification AS/NZS3760:2003 requires business owners to undertake this safety process on a regular basis in order to meet law requirements.


Who can Test and Tag in my business ?

The regulation states that testing must be carried out by a ‘competent person’. That person should be able to use test equipment safely and effectively, must have an understanding of the construction of the equipment, the requirements of the standard, the dangers of electricity and the legislative requirements.


Gold Coast test and tag company Electricians Plus employs fully qualified electricians to ‘Test and Tag’ and carry out on-site repairs of defective items. Many companies have testers who are not qualified electricians. The only problem with this is if the tester finds a fault he/she is NOT permitted to make repairs so you have to get an electrician anyway. Why bother? Contact Electricians Plus and do it right the first time!


What does test and tagging involve ?


Testing and Inspection

Visual inspection of portable appliances before being tested to ensure electrical safety. The electrical safety of an appliance is usually measured using the following tests:

  • Earth Continuity (of earthed appliances)
  • Insulation/leakage (of all appliances)
  • Polarity (of extension leads and power cords)



Once tested and determined safe, appliances are tagged, indicating that they’ve been passed as electrically safe (at the time of testing). The tags applied with self-adhesive. They typically feature the following information:

  • Company name (sometimes printed)
  • License or contract number of person testing
  • Test date
  • Next test date

Recording Results

A register of appliances tested is one of the most important aspects of ‘testing and tagging’. A register of all equipment tested should be kept, along with the test and inspection details and detail of any repairs.