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Can I install a Solar Energy System on my rented home

In short, yes you can install a solar system on your rented home. There are a number of issues to consider beforehand.

Cost: The cost of a solar energy system is significant. Having said that a Solar power system should last for at least 20 years. Given the cost of electricity it is worth consideration.

Installation costs associated with a solar energy system can run into thousands of dollars. If you are in a long term rental then it may be worthwhile to install a solar system. I would ensure that you have a solid long term contract before doing so. Installation also requires that the roof structure be modified in some minor ways. In the case of tiled roofs, the underside of the tile is normally ground off to allow the tile to sit flat on the roof once the rail bracket is installed. With corrugated roofs the rail bracket is drilled into the roof sheet.

Removal and Storage: The cost to remove the system is a lot less than the installation cost but you must be prepared to have this money available at the time you are moving. Storage of the system needs to be considered. Depending on the size of the system the panels can fill two pallets. If you move into a home that is short term or where the owner will not permit the installation then storage is an issue.

Before you do anything we would suggest that you speak to your landlord to see if he/she is OK with your installing a solar energy system on his property. We would also recommend that you seek legal advice to ensure that you are able to remove the system at the completion of your tenancy.