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C-Bus DLT LED Display Switch

C-Bus Dynamic Label Technology (DLT)

 C-Bus DLT Wall Switch

Wow a switch that tells you what it does. That's Dynamic Labeling Technology. The switch controls the lounge main light? That's what the display can say. And the great thing is you can change it if needs be. The label can tell you if the light is on or off or, if the light is dimable then the dim level the light is at.

DLT wall switches come in a range of different plate types and colours.

C-Bus DLT 5085 Wall Switch Gold Coast



DLT Wall Switch, Saturn Style, 5 Button

Product also available in:

Stainless Steel - 5085DL-J80

Facias can also be ordered seperatly:

White - 5085DF,GF
Black - 5085DF-60
Cream - 5085DF-30
Mid-Brown - 5085DF-70
Stainless Steel - 5085DF-J0



5085 5055 Series Data Sheet2.pdf 117.6KB
C-Bus A Series DLT Wall Switch Users Guide2.pdf 2.6MB